Sarah Huckabee Sanders Can't Explain Away Trump's Bizarre 'Breeding' Tweet

The White House had a hard time explaining what President Trump meant in his “breeding concept” tweet, which stated, “There is a Revolution going on in California. Soooo many Sanctuary areas want OUT of this ridiculous crime infested & breeding concept. Jerry Brown is trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border, but people of the State are not happy. Want Security & Safety NOW!”

When asked what the president meant by “breeding,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders seemed to dodge the question at a press briefing, stating, “Again, the president has recognized that this is a major problem and a lot of people even in California want to see the issue of sanctuary cities addressed and the president is doing what he can to do that.”

Sanctuary cities limit their cooperation with immigration enforcement, often affording critical protection for undocumented immigrants. Critics see Trump’s tweet as part of a pattern of dehumanizing immigrants and say that it follows a long list of offensive comments made toward them. The concept of “breeding” is often associated with animals, thus implying that Trump sees immigrants as lesser individuals.
Though Sanders believes the term could mean “a lot of things to a lot of people,” the phrasing definitely had offensive implications.

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