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Sec. Robert Reich: Trump Will Not Succumb to Impeachment

Many political figures and television personalities are consumed by whether the evidence in the Mueller Report, and obstruction of justice, merits Trump’s impeachment—but Robert Reich says, “let’s be real.”

“Trump will not be removed by impeachment. No president has ever been,” he said. “With a Republican Senate, controlled by the most irresponsible political hack ever to be Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, the chances are nil.”

Reich says Trump should be removed the old-fashioned way—in the 2020 election. Most American’s already hold a low opinion of Trump, he’s the only president in Gallup polling history never to have earned the support of a majority for a single day of his term. However, the Mueller report probably won’t do anything to sway any of the 40% who have fiercely supported him.

So, how to reach the 11 or 12% who may decide the outcome? Reich says to “reveal his moral loathsomeness.”

“Even though Mueller apparently doesn’t believe a sitting president can be indicted, it provides a devastating indictment of Trump’s character,” he said. “Trump is revealed as a chronic liar.”

Reich says the report reveals that Trump is a “despicable human being who must be removed from office.”