Senator Kamala Harris Says It's Time to Legalize Cannabis At the Federal Level

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris thinks weed needs to be legalized at the federal level.

“I am proud to formally announce that I’m signing onto the Marijuana Justice Act,” she stated in an exclusive interview with NowThis. “It’s the smart thing to do, it’s the right thing to do, and I know this as a former prosecutor, I know it as a senator and I know it when I just look at what we went as a country and where we need to be instead of where we’ve been.”

“The Marijuana Justice Act does a number of things. First of all, it incentivizes states to change their marijuana laws to end this prohibition,” Senator Cory Booker, who also supports the act, said. “Number two, it creates a pool of investment to reinvest in those communities who have disproportionately felt the impact of the war on drugs.”

“The laws that we currently have are not fair in terms of application and in terms of enforcement,” Harris stated. “We know that there are certain communities that use marijuana without any repercussion whatsoever. They’re able to go to work, they’re able to go to school and they’re not judged in terms of their society.”