Senator Sherrod Brown Responds to GM Job Cuts

Sherrod Brown called out the Trump administration for abandoning workers affected by the GM layoffs.

“The same week that General Motors announced the stopping of production where over 5,000 workers at the GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, northeast Ohio, would lose their jobs, Wall Street celebrated, the stock price for General Motors went up,” he explained. “There is no interest from the federal government, from the Trump administration. There’s simply no interest in fighting for workers.”

Trump campaigned on a promise to bring auto jobs to areas like Ohio, but the tax law create an incentive to move jobs overseas. Senator Brown also said that the White House “looks like a retreat for Wall Street executives.”

“If a plant closes down in Youngstown, Ohio and moves to Mexico, it pays half the tax rate if it moves overseas,” he stated.

Brown wants to end tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas and give tax breaks to consumers who buy American cars.

“I asked the president to pass the American Cars, American Jobs Act. It simply says that we’re going to end this tax break that companies get that move overseas, they got 50% savings on their taxes if they move overseas,” he explained. “And instead, it’s going to redirect those dollars into the pockets of car buyers and the pockets of middle-class Americans, the pockets of working Americans when they buy cars made in the United States.”

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