Seth Moulton to Trump: This is Not How to Handle Conflict with Iran

Veteran and 2020 candidate Seth Moulton has a message for Trump regarding Iran.
“Trump is much more concerned about looking weak, than he is about getting us into war,” he stated. “We are on the brink of war with Iran because we have an erratic commander-in-chief with no strategy, no plan, and he’s got a bunch of hawks in his administration that he can’t control, come of the same hawks, like John Bolton, who got us into Iraq.”
Moulton served four tours of duty in Iraq as a Marine and says the parallels between Iran today and Iraq 15 years ago are frightening.
“We got some of the same people pushing us into war. We’ve got a weak commander-in-chief who dodged serving in his own generation’s war and therefore doesn’t have the credibility to stand up to these hawks,” he said.
If he became president, Moulton says he was mitigate conflict with Iran by responding clearly and decisively to further attempts by the country to attack the U.S. He would also engage with our allies to potentially get back into the Iran Nuclear Deal. He said he would also get an international coalition together to protect international sea lanes in the Gulf, and make it very clear to troops, allies, and Iran itself what their strategy and endgame is.”
“We need more leadership back in the White House, and that’s what I would deliver as the next President of the United States,” he stated. 

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