Sherrilyn Ifill Warns Against SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh


Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing has sparked a constitutional crisis, according to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s director counsel Sherrilyn Ifill.

“The Republicans who control the Senate Judiciary Committee have refused to provide millions of pages of documents that go to the heart of the record of Brett Kavanaugh,” she explained. “This essentially brings us to a constitutional crisis.”

Ifill explained that the withholding of Kavanaugh’s records is a clear attempt by the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee to push through a nominee without them being fully vetted.

“[Kavanaugh] served as a staff secretary for President George W. Bush. And yet Senate Republicans have refused to request and to make public all of the records related to his service during that period,” she explained. “When the Democrats controlled the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Republicans asked for very specific information in the case of Elena Kagan for example, they asked for all of her emails from the time she served as solicitor general.”

What Ifill finds most alarming is the willingness of Republicans to walk away from “norms and agreements, ethics and rules, that had long been followed by both parties.”

“It’s also true that this particular nominee has already alluded to his belief in his writings that presidents should not be subject to either investigation or indictment while in office,” she said. “And this raises a conflict that goes to the heart of the integrity of the Supreme Court.”

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