Stacey Abrams is Fighting for a Fair Election in 2020

Stacey Abrams is leading voter protection efforts to make sure every vote is counted in the 2020 election.
“My mission is to remind every American, whatever you value becomes real when we vote for people who will represent your values,” she explained. “And that cannot happen if voter suppression wins.”
Abrams says her mission in 2020 is to make certain that Americans have fair and free elections across the country, especially in the twenty battleground states where there will be a presidential contest, Senate contest and down-ballot races that can change the future of American politics.
“Those battleground states where we know not only is the contest going to be close, but where we know voter suppression is going to be a tactic used by Republicans to hold onto power,” she said.
To help ensure every has access to the polls, Abrams wants to set up voter protection teams in every battleground state to help answer questions, or fight for individuals’ right to vote. She also wants to encourage people to volunteer and also talk to their neighbors and friends why now is the time to make their voices heard. Winning up and down the ballot, especially state legislative races that will redraw the maps for 2021 and beyond will also help ensure that Americans’ right to vote stays intact.
“If we get this work done, victory looks like a transformation of our country, and that’s worth fighting for,” Abrams said.

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