Stephen Miller's Own Uncle Calls BS On Him

David Glosser’s nephew is Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s most senior aides — and he says he can no longer stay silent.

“I have long been upset about the policies of the Trump administration, particularly those of the immigrant policy, to which my nephew has been so instrumental,” he stated. “I didn’t have the ethical right to remain silent.”

Stephen Miller is seen as the architect of Trump’s immigration policies including the travel ban targeting Muslims, and the family separation policy.

“What would Stephen Miller’s fate have been had the policies he so cruelly espouses now been in effect in 1903 and 1906?” Glosser asked . “The simple answer to that is he would not exist. Our family would have gone up the crematoria chimney along with the rest of the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe for that matter.”

Glosser said the immigrants that Trump and Miller are targeting are generally people of color, who would also be less likely to vote Republican.

“They’re not buying homes in Princeton, they’re not sending their kids to private school, they’re not shopping at Whole Foods, they’re not frequenting the fine restaurants of the region,” he explained. “These people aren’t coming here on a lark or on an adventure. These are people that are seeking asylum wherever they can.”