Steve Bannon's Frightening New Rhetoric on Racism Being a "Badge of Honor"

Steve Bannon recently implied that being called racist in a “badge of honor.”

At a public gathering in Lille, France, the former White House chief strategist stated, “Let them call you racist, let them call you xenophobes, let them call you nativist. Wear it as a badge of honor. Because every day we get stronger and they get weaker.”

He was in the European city addressing the National Front, a far-right French party.

“I did not come here as a teacher, I came to Europe as an observer to learn. And what I’ve learned is you are part of worldwide movement that is bigger than France, bigger than Italy, bigger than Hungary, bigger than all of it. And history is on our side.” Bannon also stated.

Also in attendance was Marine Le Pen, who lost the French presidency to Emmanuel Macron in May. According to NPR, she and Bannon, who has faced his own political stumbles as of late, sought to “prop up each other with a shared anti-establishment stance.”

"You are the vanguard of the national reconquest," Le Pen stated at the Lille gathering. "You have this energy, this will, this talent. I need you. The country needs you!"

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