Texas Teen Marcel McClinton Leads Students in Charge for Gun Reform


Marcel McClinton is a student activist for gun reform in Texas. He survived a mass shooting in 2016 when a gunman killed one and injured six outside a Houston church.

“I am pro-Second Amendment, anti-people getting killed senselessly. My dad owns four guns. He locks them up. I don’t know the code. He knows the code. He’s trained to use them,” he stated.

Marcel has spent time in the community since the shooting, offering comfort where he can. He also organized Houston’s March for our Lives.

“I think an organization or any person who goes and visits Santa Fe, Texas just offer hugs, that’s all I did Friday when I first went. And I tell people crying, ‘Can I give you a hug?’ Give them a tight hug, give them a good hug that’s from your heart. And then just go listen to them,” he said. “I’ve had people argue that, you know, ‘Well, I’m pro-Second Amendment, but I don’t stand with March for our Lives. Well, so am I, and I do. So, do you think kids should die in schools? ‘Well, no’ Ok so if you were with March for our Lives you’d kind of, same kind of mindset.”

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