The Climate Reality Project and Center for Earth Ethics Host Annual Conference

This conference focuses on faith and climate change. The Climate Reality Project and Center for Earth Ethics hosted their annual conference at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio with the help of Al Gore. The annual training draws leaders of different faiths from across the country to reflect on how religion can inform environmental policies.
“[The conference focuses on] how our current food system is contributing to the climate crisis, explore the impact climate change is having on farming and food security, and help empower attendees to take action on these issues in a way that aligns with their deepest values,” the Center for Earth Ethics explained in a statement.
Faith leaders spent three days learning from experts and activists on how they can help their own communities.
“More and more people are developing a new sense of connection to where their food comes from, the air they breathe, the water they drink, and of course the climate crisis is all about the relationship between humanity and the Earth’s ecological system,” Gore stated.
“We talk about race and gender and sexual orientation—that’s like whoa! What do I do with that?” University of Dayton Protestant Campus Minister Dustin Pickett explained. “But good is a good equalizer, right? We can talk about food.”

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