The Collective PAC Wants America's Government to Represent Its People

90% of elected officials in the United States are white, but The Collective PAC is devoted to building Black political power.

“The 115th Congress is the most diverse America has ever seen, but it is still overwhelmingly white and male. Although people of color are 37% of the U.S. population, they only make up 19% of Congress,” explained the PAC’s founder Quentin James. “To date, we’ve raised almost a million dollars to support Black candidates around the nation and help to elect 23 of our endorsed candidates to office.”

He went on to say, “For years, Black voters have been told, if you would vote, everything will be alright. Everything will be fixed in our communities. And what we saw in 2012 was the highest Black vote in history. Yet we turn on the news and we saw Black people being shot and killed in the streets and no justice being served for our community. We’ve figured out the game. Sure, we elected and re-elected our first Black president, but we need that same level of energy, that same level of funding [to] support our candidates running the year down ballot.”

James also urged interested parties to visit to learn ways to get involved.