The DNC Launched a Website to Help People Run for Office

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has launched a new website that offers people every resource they need if they’re interested in running for office.  

“Democrats are doing something we’ve never done before,” explained Raffi Krikorian, the DNC’s chief technology officer. “It’s called I Will Run. A place to turbo charge Democratic campaigns and give our candidates the tools they need to win. Whether you’re running for a seat on your local school board, or the United States Senate, we can help you train staff and volunteers, craft the right message, and reach more voters.”

If you’re a first-time Democratic candidate running for office, there is so much you have to keep track of, like setting up a website, creating a press list and establishing a fundraising database. But, I Will Run has tools pertaining to everything from voter outreach, to security to finance.

“We want to ensure that our state parties and campaigns at every level, no matter their size and able to plug into I Will Run’s Framework and hit the ground running,” Krikorian stated. “If you’re involved in a campaign, a tech vendor, or a progressive training organization, and want to participate in the I Will Run marketplace, reach out to us.”