NT Original: The Human Cost Of Obamacare Repeal

“My health isn’t a partisan issue. I’m not a product, I’m a human being.” Meet Cara Antonaccio - she’s beat cancer twice. “You finish it once and you feel like, invincible and then, it’s like whiplash when you get hit with it the second time.” This is what the GOP healthcare bill would mean for her: The House bill could weaken protections for those with pre-existing conditions. “Insurance companies could charge me more simply because I’ve had cancer. [The vote] was extremely personal…if it happens again, I’m out of luck.” With millions of Americans suffering from pre-existing conditions, survivors like Cara feel like they’re being punished for circumstances beyond their control. “I’m just amazed at the callousness with which this is discussed,” says Tony Antonaccio, Cara’s father, “We’re one bad situation away from having a pre-existing condition, and nobody’s immune from it.”

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