The Same-Sex Couple Who Got Married in Every State That Would Let Them

Pat Dwyer and Stephen Mosher got married in every state that would let them before marriage equality was U.S. law—and George Takei tells their story in the documentary “Married & Counting.”

“When we were getting to our 22nd year, there were some states that had started legalizing gay marriage, and we said, ‘wouldn’t that be fun if we got married on our 25th anniversary?’” Mosher explained the documentary.

Since New York would not let the couple marry, they eloped in Connecticut, but since 45 states and the federal government denied their marriage, they decided one wedding wasn’t enough. They decided to travel to all the states that they were allowed to get married in and have a wedding there.

“If we can’t get equality under law, we’ll seek the maximum protection that we can get,” Dwyer said. “And if we have to get it from different states, one at a time, then that’s what we’ll do.”

The Supreme Court made marriage equality federally legal in 2015, but in 30 states, LGBTQ+ citizens can still be fired, evicted, or denied services because of who they are or whom they love.

“We’re just going to keep fighting until someone changes their mind,” Mosher stated. “Or someone changes someone else’s mind for them.”

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