The Supreme Court Is Making A Huge Decision On Your Right To Vote

The Supreme Court might be coming after your voting rights again.

“This is a case called Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute. And it involves an issue that is roiling the country right now, which is about voter suppression and voting rights,” explained NAACP Legal Defense Fund President and Director-Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill, “And this case focuses on voter purges.”

In Ohio, voters who are inactive for six years are purged from the rolls. According to the ACLU, the state has purged over two million voters since 2011, with black voters purged at higher rates than whites, and Ohio’s Secretary of State has been leading this voter purge effort.

Civil rights groups argue that the purge unfairly impacts low-income voters and communities of color.

“15 other states actually asked the court to take the case and filed a brief saying we want to know the answer to this,” said Ifill “This case has to be understood within the context of the larger conversation about voter suppression that’s happening in the country right now — a number of decisions by federal courts finding that states have deliberately engaged in voter suppression tactics through racially discriminatory voter ID laws as in Texas through omnibus voter suppression legislation as in North Carolina and so forth.”

The National Voter Registration Act says that you can’t punish absent voters by removing them from the rolls. A decision will be made later this year on whether its case against voter purging will prevail.