Tim Kaine Will Not Back Down in the Face of Hatred After Charlottesville

White supremacists brought terror on Senator Tim Kaine state — one year later, he has a message for the haters and bigots.

“It was a frightening, frightening evening,” he stated. “And obviously on Saturday, August 12, these haters murdered a beautiful paralegal, Heather Heyer, who was peacefully demonstrating that Charlottesville and Virginia is a place of love, not hate.”

Kaine believes the aftermath of the demonstration has shown that Virginia doesn’t want hate in their state, especially in light of its bigoted past.

“Our state has massive, massive scar tissue because of slavery and discrimination. In the last 20 or 30 years, Virginia has made a very concerted effort to turn our face away from the evils of the past toward a better future, a more inclusive future, more welcoming future,” he explained. “So to those who tried to turn us back last year, I just say we stand united against you and your ideas of hatred and bigotry. Virginia communities, Charlottesville and others have rallied strongly together to make clear that we’re not about hate. We saw it in the aftermath of August 12. We particularly saw it in the energetic participation of all kinds of people in all corners of our state in elections that we had in November.”