2020 Candidate Rep. Tim Ryan Sees Hot Yoga as Part of The Health Care Solution

2020 Candidate Tim Ryan is a hot yoga convert—and says it could be an answer to failed health care for vets. “I’ve watched [yoga] literally transform vets who are double amputees, have had a low of post-traumatic stress, some traumatic brain injuries, a lot of damage to their nervous system, and have watched them do yoga and heal,” he stated. Ryan refers to himself as a “blue-collar guy from a blue-collar town,” but swears that yoga has improved his life. “I talk about it ‘cause it works, and to watch veterans go from taking 15 or 20 prescription drugs down to none, or one, or two, or three is, to me, all the evidence you need,” he stated. Ryan says that the way the country’s current health care system works means that companies profit off of people being sick, and that he wants to flip the system to say and recognize that 75% of health care costs come from chronic diseases that are largely preventable. This means there’s about three trillion dollars a year that we could save if we incentivized doctors to keep patients health and rewarding patients with refunds and rebates. “Some of these programs that we never thought would be helpful, we’re seeing being extremely effective at bringing down the cost of health care,” he stated. “And to me, why wouldn’t we play offense and be very productive in keeping people healthy?”