Toxic Drinking Water on Military Base Nearly Kills Marine

Marine Corps veteran Peggy Price nearly died from exposure to toxic drinking water. The same toxins are still in water used by millions of Americans.

“I’ve had a brain tumor. The tumor was the size of a lemon,” she said. “And I’ve had open-heart surgery, my gallbladder removed, breast cancer, ovarian cysts, and then I had a precancerous condition. I had two types of skin cancer, I mean, the list is really long.”

Despite an outcry, Trump officials have tried to block a health study about the chemicals, called PFAS, that have polluted water supplies near chemical plants and military bases.

“The contaminating of the water and the air is going to affect generations, even if you cleaned it up right now,” Price said. “But if you don’t clean it up, it’s gonna be just a cycle.”

Price was station at Camp Lejeune is the ‘80s. PFAS polluted the water there from the 1950s to the late 1980s. PFAS are toxic chemicals found in household items, such as non-stick pans, water repellent clothing, and carpets. 16.5 million people in 33 states were potentially exposed to PFAS in their drinking water in 2016.

EPA head Andrew Wheeler says he has a plan to address this but environmentalists say it lacks urgency and timely relief.

“From what I’ve seen for the last two years, it’s all about the money,” said Price. “I mean, everything that has been done, not just the EPA, but everything that has been done has been about the money.”

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