Trump Pulling Out Of INF Missiles Treaty Is A Gift To Putin And Russia

Trump has scrapped a key nuclear arms treaty with Russia and The Fifth Columns Justin King explained why it was a gift to Vladimir Putin.

“To understand how much of a gift, you have to understand what the treaty really was,” he stated. “Putin has indicated for the last decade that he wanted out of this treaty and Trump just opened the door for him.”

The treaty was negotiated back in 1987. It banned short and intermediate-range missiles that were land-based.

“Our intermediate-range missiles are seaborne. They’re in sibs or they’re launched from the sky. The Soviet Union then and Russia today don’t have that kind of infrastructure,” King said. “So we don’t need land-based missiles. We have no use for them whatsoever. Russia does, because as NATO expands and picks up more and more former Warsaw Pact countries, their opposition gets closer and closer to their borders.”

In pulling out of the INF Missiles Treaty, Trump has given Russia the opportunity to develop weapons systems that could threaten the U.S.’ European allies. Russia pulled out of the treaty one day after Trump’s announcement.

“This was a mistake on a grand scale and it’s going to have repercussions for a very, very long time,” King said.

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