Trump Pulling Out of the Iran Deal Is a ‘Huge Freaking Deal’

President Trump just pulled out of the Iran nuclear agreement, which is a major decision for national and international security.

The deal was a signature foreign policy achievement of the Obama Administration. Its official name is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, though it’s know more widely as the Iran nuclear agreement. It was signed in 2015 by Iran, the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the European Union.  

It took years of negotiation to make the agreement happen in the first place, which limits Iran’s nuclear production. And, every current party, including allies of the United States wanted to help it up. Trump pulling out of the deal entails that he would like to act unilaterally and not take into account what other countries want.

Iran’s current economy is also in crisis and this move by Trump only adds to the instability and feelings of uncertainty for the Iranian people. Iranian President Rouhani also announced prior to Trump’s back-out that they would honor the agreement with the other five countries involved. But he also warned that Iran would be ready to start nuclear enrichment again if the deal falls through.

Trump has built his reputation on the “The Art of The Deal,” but as president, he’s shown himself more willing to pull out of agreements, than make new ones.

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