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Van Jones Calls Out President Trump For Not Recognizing White Nationalism

Van Jones is calling out President Trump for not clearly denouncing white nationalism after the New Zealand attacks.

“There’s no middle ground on hatred. You either call it out, or you’re letting it grow,” he stated. “When [hatred] starts to rise, you need everybody, especially the president, to call it out and to try to push back on it. When you pretend that something is not happening that’s happening, you give it more power.”

Jones said he thinks the president missed a big opportunity to stand up in front of the whole world and say he doesn’t want white nationalist movements to thrive in the world.

“Every time he doesn’t do that, whose people could rightfully feel that he’s given them a wink and a nod and encouragement,” Jones explained. “You have to define the thing you’re trying to fix. President Trump should have immediately come out and said white nationalism is wrong, white nativism is wrong, whether it’s here or whether it’s in New Zealand or any place else in the world.”