Veronica Escobar On What Trump Gets Wrong About the Border

Every congressperson on the southern border opposes wall funding, including El Paso representative Veronica Escobar.

“I am a proud, third generation fronteriza: A woman of the border,” she explained. “Every single U.S representative who represents a border community is against the wall.”

Over a decade ago, a barrier across the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso was erected — and was something that Escobar says the town fought against.

“Governments like El Paso County and the City of El Paso actually sued the federal government back then trying to fight the build of this wall,” she said. “Unfortunately, we lost. But it feels like this awful decision and discussion keeps getting resurrected over and over and over again.”

Escobar says her city is incredibly safe — a claim that refutes what Trump says about border towns. And, not only was it safe long before a border was erected, it’s also an important economic asset in the country. She also said that her experiences as a congresswoman have proven that walls don’t solve the problems plaguing the country like illegal drug smuggling.

According to the DEA, almost all heroin, meth, and cocaine enters the country via legal ports of entry, hidden in vehicles and tractors, which a wall wouldn’t stop.

“My hope is that as many colleagues as possible in Congress come see the border and understand the border before casting judgment on the border,” Escobar explained.

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