Versha Sharma on the Reality of Trump’s Racist Remarks

Trump has repeatedly directed racist remarks at representative Ilhan Omar, telling her to “go back home” even though her home is in the U.S. These remarks have led to even more islamophobic and xenophobic remarks directed against her. Members of a rally for the president even recently broke out chanting “send her back” when her name was brought up.
Immigrants have a difficult enough time coming to the states without being antagonized for their skin tone and heritage — behavior that the Trump has been emboldening ever since he took office. And their confrontation against Omar is a larger attitude toward immigrants in general—that even minorities and marginalized individuals who are U.S. citizens will be treated as outsiders.
Trump’s comments demeaning Black and brown immigrants has galvanized far right and white nationalist voices—but it also serves to alienate the majority of the country. The latest polls show that most Americans don’t like or support the racist fight that he’s been picking with women of color in Congress like Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And according to Gallup, 76% of adults in the U.S. believe immigration is good for the country. So even though Trump and his supporters are all over television and social media, they are not the majority in the country.

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