Volunteer Lawyers Aid Refugees Trying to Enter the U.S. with Project Corazon


These volunteer lawyers met with 130 asylum seekers forced to stay in Mexico as they await U.S. trial—and they were able to get some people across the border.
Over two days, volunteer lawyers met with 130 asylum seekers who were forced to stay in Mexico until their hearings in U.S. court.
“Project Corazon was set up to try to help reunite and defend the rights of families that are impacted by inhumane immigration policies,” who said this stated. “They crossed over the border into the United States tried to make acclaim for asylum. The United States government detained them for a little bit and then, essentially, dumped them here without anything.”
Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy went into effect in January 2019 and has since stranded asylum seekers without shelter, jobs, or lawyers. The policy is formally known as Migrant Protection Protocols. The administration falsely claims that most migrants fail to appear for their court hearings if they are released in the U.S., thus justifying the release of Central American migrants to Mexico.
More than 31,800 asylum seekers have been sent to Mexico, often after being held in detention centers so cold they’re called “iceboxes.”
Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” police is being challenged in court as Project Corazon continues to send lawyers to the border.