Watch Joe Kennedy III Demonstrate Why We Need Gun Reform — Now

Joe Kennedy III knows why we need gun reform.

The U.S. Representative explained, “We heard it after Sandy Hook. You heard it after Aurora. You heard it after Arizona. That these mass shootings are the result of somebody suffering with mental illness and the only thing we can do is address this as a mental illness problem. So, let’s get the facts straight right away. One, those suffering with mental illness are far more likely to be victims of crimes than perpetrators. Two, a recent study of 235 mass shootings found that only 22% were conducted by somebody suffering from mental illness. Three, if you believe that mental illness is the root cause of this problem, then why, to my Republican colleagues, did you spend a year trying to gut the single biggest payer of mental health care in this country in Medicaid? You put forth a bill to cut $800 billion out of a bed rock program that enabled millions of Americans to get access to the mental health care that they need. Addiction Services, counseling, you tried to cut it.”

He went on to say, “If we band together, if we make this an issue in November, if we vote on this issue, we will win.”

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