What Sessions' Resignation Means for the Mueller Investigation

Donald Trump has asked for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sessions as attorney general, in fact, anyone as attorney general has the duty to ensure that special investigations are followed through and protected. But, with his removal, the special investigation of Robert Mueller against Trump might be at stake.

Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t think the investigation should be going on and all Americans should be concerned about what that means for the special investigation into Russian hacking.

Americans also need to be concerned about what this means for the role of the attorney general.

“The attorney general’s job is not to be lawyer-in-chief for the president personally, but to be the lawyer-in-chief of the nation,” explained Human Rights Watch’s Nicole Austin-Hillery. “If the president seeks to put someone into that role who serves him rather than serving the nation, we’d all better watch out.”

According to Austin-Hillery, we need a Department of Justice that can act independently, and that can do the job that it was put in place to do.

“If the attorney general is not going to allow the special investigations conducted by Robert Mueller, and any other special investigations that may be started, to, in fact, go on and go forward, it’s the role of Congress to step in,” she explained.

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