Who Is?
S2 E6

Who is Alex Jones? Narrated by Gary Richardson

Alex Jones is the founder and host of “Infowars” — which is the Internet’s premier destination for conspiracy theories. If you’ve ever heard someone in your high school claiming that 9/11 was an inside job, you basically have him to thank. He also has the sympathy of the President.

But long before all this, Jones was born in 1974 in Dallas, he's popular now among conservative circles, but apparently his formative years were spent getting with a lot of women. He’s been interested in conspiracies ever since he was young, and also began subbing in for radio hosts on public access television before dropping out of community college.

He started doing three hours of radio a day, coupled with appearances on public access television. Today, on his self-titled talk show, he touts conspiracy theories ranging from Michelle Obama killing Joan Rivers to Obama and Hillary smelling like sulfur, therefore they are demons. He’s also well-known for the “pizza parlor” conspiracy, which claimed there was a child sex-abuse ring under a Washington pizza parlor run by John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. This even inspired a gullible viewer to go to the aforementioned parlor and fire gunshots because he wanted to “self-investigate.”

Regardless of the ridiculousness, Jones’ show surely played a role in getting Trump elected — Roger Stone even said so.

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