Who Is?
S3 E3

Who is Bill Shine? Narrated by Demi Adejuyigbe

Bill Shine’s proximity to Fox News sexual harassment scandals caused his downfall — but that didn’t stop the president from hiring his deputy chief of staff of communications.

Shine was born in 1963 in Farmingville, New York. After graduating college, he tried to get his foot in the door at a local television station in Long Island by becoming an unpaid production assistant. He quickly rose through the ranks and was directing the station’s 10 pm newscast.

He started working for Fox News in 1996 and spent over two decades there, thanks to Sean Hannity, who recommended Shine for a producer position on “Hannity and Colmes.” He eventually became senior vice president of programming for the network, which solidified his connection with Roger Ailes.

Shine eventually became tied to many different sexual assault or racial discrimination allegations within the station. Though he himself wasn’t accused of assault, he has allegedly turned a blind eye and enabled it. He was eventually ousted from Fox News, shortly after becoming vice president.

But  in light of all of this, he ended up with a job at the White House as deputy chief of staff of communications. In this role, he will report directly to the president, overseeing both the press and communications teams.