Who Is?
S2 E2

Who is David Clarke? Narrated by Linda Sarsour

Who is David Clarke? The Trump spokesperson is actually a registered Democrat, but holds incredibly conservative ideals.

His career in law enforcement began in 1978 at the Milwaukee police department. He was a patrolman for 11 years before he became a homicide detective in 1989. He eventually got promoted to sheriff status, but a lot of speculation swirled around his authority. For example, countless rapes and deaths took place in his county jail.

Instead of being accountable to the deaths and torture that took place on his watch, he side stepped into the political spotlight. Clarke advocated for getting Trump into the White House, detests Planned Parenthood and believes that police brutality ended in the 60s. He has sparred with figures like Don Lemon on the Black Lives Matter movement — claiming it is dangerous and anti-cop. Regardless of his party registration, it is clear which side he falls on the political spectrum. He was invited to speak at the RNC and has been incredibly hateful toward the black community in general.

The hate-fueled resume earned him a potential spot in the Trump administration — but things fell apart after reports surfaced that he plagiarized part of his master’s thesis. His approval ratings plummeted and he eventually resigned. He’s now heavily involved in a pro-Trump super PAC.

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