Who Is?
S3 E4

Who is Eric Trump? Narrated by Zack Bornstein


Eric Trump is President Trump’s other son, and the current trustee of the Trump Organization.

He was born in 1984 to Trump and his first wife Ivana. After his parents divorced, Eric left his dad to live with his mom. At school in Pennsylvania he earned several superlatives including “choad” and “class mooch.”

After graduating from Georgetown University, he went to work at his father’s company, the duties of which included overseeing golf courses, and serving as president for the Trump Winery. He and a few friends also created The Eric Trump Foundation, a public charity which raised money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee. It has since raised over $16 million — but not all of that money has gone to sick kids. $1.2 million of it went back into the family business, according to Forbes.

In 2011 Donald Jr. and Eric went on a big game hunting trip in Zimbabwe, where they murdered an elephant and a leopard and took some pictures with their corpses.

And Since Trump won the presidency, his son has been by his side. After his dad was accused of racism, Eric claimed his dad “could only see one color — green,” and that he’s “the least racist person I’ve ever met.”