Who Is?
S2 E13

Who is Linda McMahon? Narrated by Kether Donohue

Linda McMahon is behind the government agency that helps small businesses in the Trump administration — but how did she get there?

Linda was born in 1948 to two conservative devout Baptists in North Carolina. It didn’t take long for her to meet the man she would one day marry: WWE Mastermind Vince McMahon. They married when Linda was just 17.

After graduating from East Carolina University, Linda had her first child and worked as a receptionist at a major law firm. The couple actually had to file for bankruptcy before becoming wrestling royalty. Vince created his own wrestling company by 1979 before eventually founding the World Wrestling Federation. Linda became president of the federation in ’93 and CEO by ’97.

She later had an unsuccessful Senate run and dealt with drama while trying to cover up steroid usage in the WWE. She ran again for Senate in 2012 but lost. During the 2016, she gave over $6 million to a super PAC supporting Trump. This led to her securing a spot in the Small Business Administration. Under her, small business confidence is actually at a record high — considering Trump’s decades long history of stiffing small businesses.

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