Who Is?
S2 E11

Who is Neil Gorsuch? Narrated by Padma Lakshmi

Neil Gorsuch was appointed by Trump to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant after the death of Antonin Scalia. Barack Obama, who was president during Scalia’s passing, tried to appoint Merrick Garland to the seat, but he was stonewalled by Republicans until he was out of office and a conservative candidate could be chosen.

Gorsuch spent his formative years in Washington. He attended Columbia University and became an active and controversial conservative on campus. He even founded the Federalist Paper, which aimed to take down all those pesky activists asking for their rights.
After graduating, Gorsuch clerked for the Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia. He later worked for a white-shoe law firm and developed an appetite for litigation.

He considers himself an “originalist,” meaning that he interprets the constitution as he believes it was understood at the time it was written. He also has a long history of siding with corporations in court, and he was questioned about that prior to his confirmation into the Supreme Court.

He may be following the Trump agenda more than any other appointee. If his first 15 cases are any indication, he will likely attempt to pull the courts to the right-wing side every time.

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