Who Is?
S3 E9

Who is Rod Rosenstein? Narrated by America Ferrera

Rod Rosenstein is the former or current U.S. Deputy Attorney General. Depending on when you’re watching this, he has either resigned from the Trump administration, he is thinking about resigning from the administration, or he was fired from the Trump administration.

Early reports suggested Rosenstein had verbally resigned to Chief of Staff John Kelly before Trump had the chance to fire him, but then more reports came which disputed that report. Either way, Rosenstein was, or is, overseeing Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. His job had already been subject to much contention for months, but then a New York Times bombshell report dropped. It claimed Rosenstein had discussed wearing a wire to secretly record damaging statements — or half-thoughts — muttered by Trump.

The special counsel had to go through Rosenstein before making any decisions involving the Russia investigation. Rosenstein’s temporary replacement, Noel Francisco, could effectively refuse to be the middleman that the deputy attorney general once was or currently is. Either way, the guy in line for his job is worth noting. Noel Francisco — as Mother Jones reported — is skeptical about the special counsel investigations stating, “My own personal belief is that when you hand these issues off to the career prosecutors in the public integrity sections in the U.S. attorneys’ offices in the Department of Justice, those attorneys are generally better able to assess whether a case should be pursued.”

Francisco could fire Mueller if he deemed it necessary. So who was or is the seemingly neutral middleman between pleasing Trump while at the same time allowing Mueller to work unbothered as he indicts top members of the campaign?