Who Is?
S2 E3

Who is Ryan Zinke? Narrated by Piper Perabo

Who is Ryan Zinke? To start off, he’s the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, and a former Navy Seal commander. Zinke is helming the Department of the Interior, and plans to get rid of hundreds of thousands of acres of national parks.

Raised in the small town of Whitefish Montana, Zinke was a star athlete, which got him a scholarship to the University of Oregon. He was in the Navy for 23 years — and while he was there he expensed airfare home to the house he was building to retire in — a.k.a. committed fraud. he wasn’t allowed back in his Seal team but only had to reimburse taxpayers around $200. He also may have been involved in allocating a company called Whitefish Energy $300,000,000 to restore power in Puerto Rico, despite them only having two employees.

He's also shrinking the national parks he’s supposed to be bettering. He’s a huge friend of the energy industry and has pushed to open public land for energy development. On the chopping block is Utah’s “Bear’s Ears" — with millions of acres of public land. The president has already reversed the Obama-era ruling to preserve the park and plans to reduce it in size by 80%. 

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