Who Is?
S2 E16

Who is Sean Hannity? Narrated by John Milhiser

Sean Hannity is a Fox News anchor and likely the president’s main source of news — but how did he get to where he is today?

Born in 1961, Hannity grew up in New York and attended NYU, UCSB and Adelphi University — but did not graduate from any of them. At 27, he landed his first radio gig at UCSB’s KABC, but was kicked off the air for making plenty of inappropriate comments about homosexuality.

He was drafted by Fox News in 1996 to a debate show with Alan Colmes. By 2009, Colmes packed up and left Hannity alone on the air, which gave way to the solo program aptly titled “Hannity.” He then continued to tout his conservative political point of view through both the Bush and Obama administrations.

He was also an early supporter of the future President Trump and used his platform frequently to endorse his ideas. These days he uses his show to push Trump conspiracy theories, softly defend Roy Moore, and distract viewers from news that would damage the president’s character.

Hannity even became the news himself, during the investigation into Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Hannity said his involvement with Cohen had to do strictly with real estate matters — though it’s to be determined what’s true and not in that entire affair.

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