Who Is?
S1 E3

Who is Stephen Miller? Narrated by Debra Messing

This is Stephen Miller, President Trump’s Senior Adviser for policy. At just 31 years old, Miller is the mastermind behind the Muslim ban, and served as Trump’s warm up act en route to the White House.

He was raised by Democratic parents in California, but it didn’t take long for him to reject it all. His middle school classmates said he was a motivated, serious guy, and by 14, he was a “cultural warrior” with a love for Star Trek.

His war against minorities started in high school, where he wrote columns attacking Hispanic students for not speaking English. He went on to Duke University, where his regular column “Miller Time” gained infamy for its hard-line conservative views. His first television appearance was on Fox News, where he openly defended the Duke lacrosse case.

He started his political career working for Michele Backmann, then working with Jess Sessions. This eventually brought him to the Trump campaign, and became a key voice in his rhetoric. After Trump became president, Miller was widely cited as an architect of his first executive order, banning visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries. He also claims that the gender pay gap is a myth and frequently attacks feminist ideals.

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