Why Black Lives Matter Isn't Going Anywhere After 5 Years of Activism


After five years of activism, Black Lives Matter isn’t going anywhere.

“State violence is at the core of what Black Lives Matter is focused on. But I think that’s because people also need to understand what is state violence?” explained Black Lives Matter D.C. core organizer April Goggans. “The policing, over-policing, the brutality, the murder of policing in the District of Columbia is so normalized that nobody is talking about it.”

The movement’s demands include the end of mass surveillance of Black people and predictive policing, the over criminalization of Black youth, and the money bail system. They also encourage anyone who is interested and hasn’t involved themselves in the movement yet to join their efforts.

“The movement doors are always wide open. We need everybody to get us free. Whether it’s joining something that you’ve seen, or if you don’t see something that you want to get involved with, start it yourself. From voting to being in the streets, there is never a shortage of work, just a shortage of workers,” said Goggans. “As long as we’re still being killed, as long as we’re still being targeted, then there will always be a need for Black Lives Matter or its equivalent.

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