Why Millionaire Entrepreneur Joe Sanberg Wants a Green New Deal

Millionaire entrepreneur Joe Sanberg wants the Green New Deal so the rich are taxed fairly and the economy works for all Americans.

“I began my career on Wall Street and I know a lot of guys like Howard Schultz. This economy is not the same economy they grew up with—it is fundamentally broken,” he explained. “We know that power and wealth are concentrated increasingly at the top, while the rest of the country is working longer hours, for less money and fewer benefits.”

Sanberg says that seven out of 10 Americans live paycheck to paycheck, so the economy definitely doesn’t benefit the majority of the country. He also says that many millionaires and corporation owners are ignoring their own histories and got wealthy based off of a more equitable system. This is why he believes the Green New Deal would be an answer, not just for the environment’s problems, but also the economy’s.

“A Green Deal would create tens of millions of jobs,” he explained “We’d need people installing solar panels, retrofitting buildings, building electric vehicles, and reforesting public lands.”

Sanberg also says we can do all of this while prioritizing the communities in the country that entrenched power has most victimized.

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