Why the Health Care of Millions Is On the Ballot This November

In 2010, states won the right to expand Medicaid to adults and kids just above the poverty line. 33 states have since expanded Medicaid, providing 11 million Americans with access to health care. But Republicans in 17 states — including Florida, Wisconsin, and North Carolina — have blocked Medicaid expansion.

But in 2018, voters are taking the decision into their own hands.

“I went to the doctor and he examined me and told me, not only is your uterus falling out, your bladder is falling out too,” explained Utah resident Leslie Hoopes. “I told him, what do I do? What do I do? Well, he told me just to push it back in.”

Hoopes earns too much to be on Medicaid, but not enough to buy private insurance. Utah lawmakers chose not to expand Medicaid, rejecting federal funds that could have helped people like her. But in 2018, Utahns could vote to expand Medicaid as can voters in Idaho, Montana, and Nebraska.

Proposition 3 is the Medicaid expansion ballot initiative that we’ve been working on,” Dr. Carissa Monroy said. “Medicaid expansion is something that will provide Medicaid to people who need insurance but can’t afford insurance or can’t get insurance through their job.”
Dr. Monroy also says physicians and providers really support Medicaid expansion.

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