Why The World Is Less Safe Without the Iran Deal


Former State Department Official Jake Sullivan explained how breaking the Iran deal brings us closer to war. Sullivan helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal, and believes that Trump walking away from it is the worst mistake of his presidency so far.

“I don’t think Donald Trump knows what was in the Iran nuclear deal,” he joked. “I think he basically doesn’t like the deal because he didn’t negotiate it, and Barack Obama did. And that is not a very good reason for a commander-in-chief to gamble with America’s national security.”

He went on to state, “The United States is breaking its word to the international community. Now just to Iran, but to all the major world powers we negotiated this agreement with. You know, the Iran deal is just now one in a long line of examples of where Donald Trump is walking away from American leadership. He withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, he withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He basically said our allies and partners need to strike out on their own and can no longer count on the United States.”

Though the chances for war may not happen immediately, withdrawing from the agreement definitely increases tension between the two nations.