Why The Youth Vote Might Change Our Country Forever

NextGen America’s deputy political director Ben Wessel wants young people to know their vote might change the country forever this November.

“Long story short, there are 70 million eligible young voters across the country, more than any other age group. And we are overwhelmingly progressive. But most candidates write us off,” he explained. “We vote at only half the rate of older generations. Politicians ignore our demands because they think they don’t have to worry about us. The system isn’t broken, it’s just working for those who are participating in it.”

According to Wessel, young people are powering progressive victories and showing up in record numbers. And the success of candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andrew Gillum is proof.

“When young people turnout, politicians start to care about the things that we care about. That means policy change,” he stated. “So NextGen America is working in 11 states this year to turn out the #YouthVote. We’ve got more than 600 organizers and activists working every day on the ground to register, motivate, and turn out young people to support those progressive candidates. We’re sending mail, we’re sending texts, we’re delivering ads, we’re hosting parties at the polls with puppies and petting zoos. We’re sliding into as many DMs as possible to turn out young voters.”

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