Yazmin Juárez Testifies to Congress About Daughter’s Death in ICE Custody

Yazmin Juárez’s baby daughter died after falling ill while the two were being held in ICE custody. She then told her story from inside cages and detention facilities to Congress.
“We came to the United States, where I hoped to build a better and safer life for my daughter, Mariee,” she said. “Sadly, my daughter died, slowly and painfully. Just a few months before her second birthday, she passed.”
When questioned by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Juárez said that the facilities that she and her daughter were held in were neither safe nor sanitary. She said that the ICE asked her during an interview why she came to the states, and though she tried to speak and explain herself, they kept interrupting her saying the country is for Americans, that Trump is president and that they could take her child away from her.
“To have a CBP officer tell a migrant woman escaping unspeakable horrors in her home country and tell them this country is for Americans, and to threaten separating her from her daughter, to threaten a human rights violation, is extraordinarily concerning, and at a bare minimum grounds for serious investigation by this committee and other entities,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated.