Zero Hour Founder Jamie Margolin on the Climate Crisis Destroying the Planet

The people who will be most affected by climate change, like Jamie Margolin, are too young to vote — so they're making sure you do.

“The people we elect in these midterms are going to decide whether or not we take the path to solutions or continue going down the dark road of fossil fuels and destruction,” the Zero Hour founder stated.

Margolin said she is a climate justice activist, which means she fights for her generation’s rights to a livable future, as well as uplifts communities who have been impacted by the climate crisis.

“We are an organization run by a majority young women, mostly young women of color,” she stated. “There is a whole generation of young people who really care about these issues. Most of the youth on the Zero Hour team are under voting age, and we are the ones who are going to be the worst affected by the climate crisis, and have the least say in how it’s solved.”

Margolin said the midterms elections are a turning point for working toward solving the climate crisis.

“It’s super important to vote this year, because these midterms are gonna define our future, these midterms are gonna define the decisions that are being made going forward and the policy being made…” she stated.

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