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South African Artist and LGBTQ+ Advocate Nakhane Opens Up About Finding His True Voice

Nakhane Touré was destined to be a star, even before he found his voice. In this interview, the artist opens up about his conservative upbringing in South Africa; he was taught that being gay was wrong–he preached against homosexuality for a brief period. Ultimately, he accepted who he was and decided to chase his dreams of becoming a musician that would amplify the voices of his community.

Nakhane’s best known works include his album “You Will Not Die,” which features his popular songs “Fog,” “New Brighton,” and “Clairvoyant.” Other notable works include his album’s “Brave Confusion” and “The Laughing Son.”

Aside from music, the artist also acts. His role in “The Wound” shot him to prominence and even earned a Golden Horn Award for “Best Actor” in a feature film.

Nakhane has become one of the most celebrated musicians and actors in South Africa, especially within in the LGBTQ+ community for which he fiercely advocates for now. For more about him, check out NowThis’ SEEN.

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