Barack, Michelle Obama Getting Netflix Series

Barack Obama leaving the oval office was obviously devastating, especially considering who he was replaced with. Every time he took to the podium to speak, his words would reinvigorate, educate and remind us what a strong, sensitive, intelligent and capable leader looks like. Since departing from his eight years as president, he’s been in the press here and there, but has largely laid low. This has left us with some pretty sizable Obama withdrawals — but apparently Netflix is developing the perfect binge-able remedy for that.

Barack Obama is getting his own Netflix show — and we need it so badly. The series will feature exclusive content with Barack and Michelle, including inspirational stories, and topics the Obamas deeply care about.

Possible episodes include conversations about climate change, health care, immigration, and voting rights — and with Michelle, nutrition and women’s rights.  

Obama reportedly said he won’t use the series to directly respond President Trump of conservative critics. But, to be honest, we all really need something like this series right now. Considering many of us miss seeing Obama in the news regularly and want as much time of him and his family as we’re allowed, this series is basically exactly what we need.