’Euphoria’ Star Barbie Ferreira on Body Image, Escapism, and Social Media

Actor and model Barbie Ferreira opened up about body image, escapism on the internet, and all things “Euphoria.”
HBO's new hit series “Euphoria” stars the model and actor as Kat Hernandez. The show also features the talents of Zendaya as Rue Bennett, and Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn. When first reading the script, she said it was very obvious that the show would be like nothing else on air. She was eager to covet the role of Kat because her experiences could help bring something special to the role.
“I just have this deep understanding of escapism and the internet since I was like 10 or 11, like I just know how it feels to be invisible in school and have friends around but just feel so lonely and you don’t have the safe space to articulate, you know, how you feel and show your talents like fan fiction writing. So I have a deep understanding of that,” she said.
 Response to Ferreira and her character were very positive but she said it isn’t easy going to castings as a fuller-figured woman, but that it’s something she’s learned to deal with since she was young.
“Since I was 16 that’s been a thing in my life, people have always had their two cents about my body,” she said. “At first it was hard to unpack the fact that I’m never going to be ‘skinny girl’ that I always wanted to be. And that doesn’t mean I can’t do want it just means I have to re-frame everything I not just be like ‘if I ever lose 40 pounds, I can be an actress.”

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