Billie Eilish Speaks Out Against Nylon Germany Magazine Cover

Billie Eilish blasted a magazine for portraying her topless on the front of their cover.
NYLON Germany showed Eilish as a seemingly nude, bald “cyborg” as part of the publication’s “Digital Prodigies.” The 17-year-old called out the magazine in an Instagram comment claiming she “did not consent” to the depicted image.
“I was never approached by nylon about piece whatsoever,” she wrote on Instagram. “I did not know it was happening nor did anyone on my team.”
Fans quickly came to Eilish’s defense on Twitter and Instagram. NYLON Germany quickly pulled the image from Instagram and offered a clarification.
“For this cover, it was never our intention to create a look that is confusing or insulting to Billie Eilish,” the publication stated on Instagram. “It was only ever our intention to honor Billie’s impact and her work by creating this avatar which is part of a cover series highlighting the power of digital prodigy artists.”