S1 E9

Chella Man Is The Trans, Deaf Activist Changing the World

Chella Man felt “very alone” when he started losing his hearing at four years old — but the experience helped prepare him for when he came out as transgender.

Man, model, and activist, Chella keeps making history. He is a transgender, deaf model and and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. He openly does LGBTQ+ activism, and hormones and testosterone shots are a big part of that. He regularly documents his testosterone shots every week on Instagram and other social media platforms for his fans to follow along with his transition. Having already completed top surgery, he said he's extremely lucky and grateful for everything else he has.

Gender dysphoria long plagued Chella, but transitioning was only part of the solution for him. Voice changes and testosterone shots and top surgery all helped him become the man he always saw himself as, and he wants to help others in the LGBTQ+ community going through similar experiences. Chella is doing everything he can to help others like him. He and others, like deaf model Nyle DiMarco, are paving the way for deaf and hard of hearing people everywhere, too. He said he is proud to be deaf and proud to be transgender.

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