Documentary Follows Gay Men's Chorus on Tour Across Deep South

The San Francisco Gay Men's chorus toured across the Deep South after the election, transforming the world for LGBTQ+ youth—and a new documentary depicts what happened.
“When we made that decision to go to the South after the election, it’s because our brothers and sisters in those communities were hurting and we were at risk,” the chorus’ Executive Director Christopher Verdugo said. “We wanted to be there. We wanted to bring out community into their community and support them however possible, whatever that looked like, and that was always a conversation as well. What do you need? How can we best support you?”
In “Gay Chorus Deep South,” the chorus and the Interfaith Gospel Choir use music to bridge divisions between LGBTQ+ people and communities in states like MS and TN. The film also unfolds the histories of specific chorus members who are returning to places where they weren’t accepted for who they are.
“Part of the film is me coming back to a Southern Baptist church,” the chorus’ Artistic Director Tim Seelig explained. “And I’ve told people it’s like when you argue with your family and you don’t get along with them but you’re gonna go to Thanksgiving anyway.”